COVID-19 Updates
for the WA public sector

At times like these, Western Australians look to the public sector to provide certainty and leadership. We are continuing to work with the government and public sector leaders on your behalf to maximise your health and safety as you go about the important business of making WA work. 

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PSLR Circular 7: Workforce Arrangements

Public Sector Labour Relation's latest circular: Government-initiated changes related to COVID-19 – workforce arrangements describes changed methods of operation to ensure the Western Australian Government can stay open for business.

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COVID-19 Care at Work

The WA Department of Health advise that practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against the spread of the virus.

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Stay informed

In the event of a public sector shutdown, provide your best points of contact below to receive the latest information.

We encourage you to take advice from the Australian Department of Health, the WA Department of Health, and the World Health Organisation.

Cornoavirus OSH Alert

As this is a new virus the health information is continually being updated. 

View the ACTU's OSH Alert.


It's evident there is considerable anxiety within our communities and in our workplaces about COVID-19.

Visit Beyond Blue for information on taking care of yourself and others during this time.

Workplace Issue?

If you are encountering COVID-19 related matters in the course of your work in the Public Sector that are not already addressed by the advice from our recommended sources, please get in contact.

Wearing a mask keeps 
WA safe


Western Australian public sector workers now have the right to access COVID-19 leave in combination with other leave types for self-isolation, without having to exhaust existing personal leave first.

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